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Application for Admission for DP (Grades 11-12)
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Please note that a non-refundable admission fee of 2,000 INR is charged for each application.

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Location of School

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Academic Preferences

The subjects currently available at the academy are as mentioned below.

Students must choose 3 subjects at Standard level (SL) and 3 subjects at Higher level (HL). HL subjects are studied at a deeper level than SL. Students should select HL subjects in areas that will be relevant to possible career pathways. Some subjects are not available at HL as shown below.

First and Second Language choices must be in different languages.

Students fluent in Hindi as well as English can earn a Bilingual Diploma by studying 2 Group 1 Languages instead of a second language.

This information is provisional. Also note that classes may not run if there is a small take-up. Guidance on subject choices will be provided.

Date: Jul 18, 2019


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Financial Aid

1. Students/parents in need of financial aid must submit a completed Financial Aid Form at the time of application.

2. Our scholarships and fee structures aim to ensure a broad socio-economic mix within the student body that adds value to the student experience and the Academy.

1. We acknowledge that this application does not automatically admit the applicant to the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad. Academic transcripts, interviews and assessment records are taken into consideration. The Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad reserves the right to make a final decision. Any falsified or withholding of information may constitute a withdrawal of the student.

2. We acknowledge that, should this application be accepted, our child and we (his / her parents or guardians), undertake to abide by the policies and regulations of the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad and we understand that in serious instances of infraction, e.g. damage to school property, bodily harm to another student / teacher, our child may be asked to leave the school.

3. We acknowledge that, upon acceptance, we agree to pay the applicable fees and abide by the billing options outlined in the Fee Schedule.

4. We understand that if a student wishes to withdraw from the school, a half semester’s notice of withdrawal must be given or a half semester’s fees paid to the school in lieu of notice.

5. We acknowledge that the school will take reasonable care and exercise due diligence within its premises and during school activities and will bear no responsibility should the applicant exercise any reckless and / or careless behaviour that may endanger his / her safety and others around and as such cause harm or injury to himself / herself and others.

6. We declare that all previous medical and psychological histories are correctly reported on the Application Form.

7. On leaving the school, students will return text books and any school property they might have borrowed during their stay in the school or the cost of the same will be deducted from the refundable Caution Deposit.

Date: Jul 18, 2019